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Welcome to Black Trans Royalty

On behalf of the Black Trans International Pageantry System we welcome you all to 10th Black Trans Advocacy Conference and invite you to participate in this years upcoming pageant event as a guest, pageant contestant, sponsor or to donate to our Trans Health Fund. 

– 2019 Mr & Miss Black Trans International Angel Iman & Mufasa Prominencia 

About Us

Black Trans International Pageantry System is “The Standard of Trans Excellence in Pageantry” with a reputation of elegance, professionalism, community service and philanthropy. 

(BTIPS) is the only system of its kind exquisitely crafted by and for the transgender community to affirm the African American Transgender identity.

Our BTIPS Mission is to advance black trans equality through the art of pageantry.  Our work is grounded in health advocacy to help improve the lived experience of black transgender people

Be A Contestant

Mr, Miss & Mx Black Trans International Competition is a national pageant competition recruiting ambassadors for the black trans community.

The Mr, Miss & Mx Black Trans International title  is held with pride in their African American Transgender identity and leads with love in commitment to the needs of their community.

Black Trans International titleholders lead the mission of Black Trans International Pageantry System working to advance black and transgender equality through the art of pageantry.

BTIPS23 Contestant Package


Black Trans International titleholders are responsible for reigning with elegance, philanthropy and community service.

Titleholders serve twelve months providing black trans outreach and positive visibility to create social change.


ELEGANCE Black Trans International titleholders are viewed as a role model and inspiration to others

  • Serves with purpose and professionalism,
  • Exemplifies excellence

PHILANTHROPY Black Trans International titleholders raises $1500 each to help fund Trans Health Scholarships.



COMMUNITY SERVICE Black Trans International titleholders give back in time. Goodwill Ambassador Goal: 500+ Hours each to include:

  • Hours to promote Positive Black Trans Awareness
  • Hours to promote Black Trans Advocacy Cause
  • Hours providing Black Trans Outreach engagement hours with black trans community
  • Public Speaking hours providing education regarding the black trans community


  • Mr Black Trans Contestant – pre, post or non opt female to male transman age 18 or older living life full time as male and proud of his trans identity.
  • Miss Black Trans Contestant – pre, post or non opt male to female transwoman age 18 or older living life full time as female and proud of her trans identity.
  • Mx. Black Trans Contestant – pre, post or non opt gnc/non-binary person age 18 or older and proud of their trans identity.



  • Contestants must be 18 years or older at the time of competition entry.
  • Contestants must submit a completed application along with their entry fee.
  • All contestants must be in good emotional and physical health to fulfill all pageant duties.
  • Contestant must have high school diploma, GED equivalent or seeking enrollment.

Entry Fee for all divisions is $200.  Early Registration Fee of $150 is available on or before April 1.


35% Personal Interview: A personal interview is required for all BTIPS candidates. Personal interview provides an opportunity to further discuss the mutual opportunities with BTIPS. This panel interview also evaluates your ability to embody the mission of BTIPS and three pillars of elegance, philanthropy and community service.  Each contestant will be credited for their Online Application, Attire, Personal Grooming, Communications Skill and Overall Response in a professional panel interview.

15% Presentation: “Calling All Royalty” theme. As part of the Black Trans International Pageantry System, you are viewed as an inspiration to others. In the presentation competition call on our ancestors and bring to the stage your creative interpretation of “Royalty”. Limited to (3) Minutes. Each contestant will earn points for Theme Wear (Color Royal Purple or Red with a hint of sparkle) Creativity, Personal Grooming and Overall Presentation.

15% Talent: As part of the duties of the Black Trans International Pageant Royalty, you may be asked to entertain to promote the pageantry system. Each Contestant will display his/her entertainment ability through Lip-Sync, Live Vocal, and/or Other Entertainment. (5minutes with 3 minute setup time) and will be credited for Artistic Selection, Entertainment Value, and Over All Talent Presentation.

15% Evening Gown/Men’s Formal Wear: As part of the duties of the Black Trans International Pageant Royalty, you may be asked to appear or participate in formal or black tie events. Each Contestant will display formal attire and will be credited for Formal Wear Selection, Personal Grooming and Overall Appearance. Men’ Formal Wear is defined as a suit & tie or tuxedo. Miss Contestants: Evening Gown is defined as a floor length gown (At the ankle or longer).

20% Onstage Q/A: As part of the duties of the Black Trans International Pageant Royalty, you will be asked to appear at public speaking engagements or possibly to respond to media interviews. Each contestant will be asked short impactful questions to assess their interview skill set and will be credited for Personality/Composure, Communications Skill, Answer Content and Overall Response.

NATIONAL PRIZE PACKAGE valued at over $7000 to include:
National Media Recognition
The Official Black Trans International Dazzling Crown
The Official Black Trans International Satin Embroidered Sash
The Official Black Trans International Logo Pin
Full Page Ad in National Conference Souvenir Journal
Presentation at 2023 Black Trans Advocacy Awards Gala
Complimentary Photo shoot Friday after the pageant (Colors are Black & White)
Complimentary BTAC24 Registration & Travel Accommodations


Cash Prizes Award
At Crowing: $1500. Cash award at crowing can increase up to $3000 night of if there are more than 3 contestants per division.

At Give-Up: $500  based on successful completion of the BTIPS contract, fulfilling the BTIPS Pillars: Elegance, Philanthropy and Community Service goals.

During Reign: $1000 Paid Quarterly Productivity Incentives

Registration & Interview will be held at the Double Tree Galleria Hotel Wednesday April 26, 2023 at 1:00PM.  All contestants are required to arrive on time in professional interview attire.  


  • 1-1:25 Contestant Arrival. (Walk-up application, entry fee and music)
  • 1:30     Registration Begins
  • 2:00     Interview Begins

Contestant Line-up

Your contestant number and interview schedule will be based on the time/date your online application is received.

For clarity, the contestant who submits their online application last will be contestant #1 in their division. The contestant who submits their online application first will be the last contestant in their division.


Contestant music must be labeled and uploaded online no later than April 27 1:30PM when registration begins. No vulgar language to be played in any music.

Name Your Music File!

File Name Example:

  1. LDavenport_Presentation and
  2. LDavenport_Talent

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