Sybastian Smith

Sybastian Smith

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Black Transmen Inc Keynote Speaker


Sybastian Smith is a LGBTQ+ social justice advocate/activist, consultant, public speaker and certified health educator of fifteen+ years. Sybastian is the Organizing Director at the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and his role at NCTE includes policy advocacy and outreach as well as, community engagement and mobilization. Mr. Smith is also the Executive Director of the I am Human Foundation and works in managing health education, resource coordination and linkage to care at the organization.

Sybastian’s advocacy work is deeply rooted in his love for gender diverse communities, especially those that are the most marginalized. Mr. Smith volunteers his time and holds a position on the board of directors with the national organization Black Trans Men Inc. (BTMI) and maintains leadership roles in the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC). He also serves on the Board of Directors for several other non-profit and trans-led organizations.

Sybastian is a man of many titles and accolades professionally, socially and academically. He has been crowned Mr. Black Trans International 2018, awarded BTMI Man of the Year 2019, a 2020 HRC ACTIVATE program fellow and one of OUT GA Business Alliance’s Most Influential Georgians in 2021 among many other esteemed achievements and accolades over the years.

Sybastian feels as a Black transgender man himself, he was born to help underserved and misunderstood communities of people who look like him. With the help of the I Am Human Foundation, NCTE, BTAC and several other Atlanta based grassroots and non-profit organizations that he volunteers his time with, he is staying true to his mission and making a difference in the lives of the transgender community. Mr. Smith states, “Open dialogue and education are the keys to erasing ignorance. The urgent need to talk candidly and educate our society about trans people’s lived experiences is why I work so diligently to advocate for access to competent healthcare, equal social and economic rights. This is how we save lives!”

Sybastian models his life, work, and advocacy after this famous quote, “A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.” ~Malcolm X