Sybastian Smith

Sybastian Smith

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Black Transmen Inc Keynote Speaker

Sybastian Smith is a 39-year-old LGBTQ+ community advocate, Certified Health Educator, and Medical Assistant of thirteen years. Mr. Smith has an Academic Associates degree in Medical Office Management: Administrative and Assisting, as well as, an Associates of Science degree while currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. His goal is to become a Licensed Family Health Nurse Practitioner with a specialized concentration on transgender patients’ affirmative healthcare.

Sybastian plays a vital leadership role in the Georgia chapter of the national organization Black Trans Men Inc. (BTMI) as well as, sits on the board of Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC). He occupies other leadership roles during the yearly Black Transgender Advocacy Conference held in Dallas, TX. Sybastian continues to participate in panel discussions, ambassadorship in local grassroots organizations, interviews, consultations and give culture competency trainings at schools and businesses nationwide on transgender issues and topics.

Sybastian is a man of many titles and accolades professionally, socially and academically. Sybastian is a former Mr. Black Trans International 2018 and was awarded BTMI Man of the Year for 2019 amongst those esteemed accolades. Sybastian feels as a transgender man himself, he was born to help underserved communities and people who look like him. Open dialogue and education is the key to erasing ignorance. The need to educate people about transgender lives and experiences is why he works so diligently to advocate for LGBTQ+ competent healthcare, equal social and economic rights.

Sybastian models his life, work, and advocacy after this famous quote, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” ~Malcolm X.