Jade Lenore LeDuff

Jade Lenore LeDuff

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Black Transwomen Inc Keynote Speaker

Jade Lenore LeDuff hails from the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana, born and raised in the south rooted in southern hospitality. Jade is known to be an emerging leader in the LGBTQI+ community. From a very early age she has always had a heart for people, especially those whom were underserved in any way. Her passion for people has led her to be a public educator, advocate and humanist, volunteer, and leader for Black Transwomen Inc. and Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.

Navigating several intersections of the LGBTQI+ spectrum, Jade started out as a volunteer with an EBI HIV Intervention program, she quickly realized her gifts could truly make an impact with others. She later joined the organization and has been devoted to ensuring the equity and proper treatment of Trans Folx. Though newer to the HIV/AIDS Research field Jades background includes a combined 10+ years of Compliance, Project Management, Training/Development, Facilitation, Reporting, and Event Planning.

Trans and GNC folx can often encounter setbacks, obstacles, discrimination, and adversity simply to live life fully and authentically. Recognizing and identifying those adversities has continued to fuel her work in the Movement towards true equity and equality for Trans and GNC folx.

In her leisure time Jade enjoys cooking, exercising, and the outdoors alongside her fiancé Liam. She is working on writing and documenting her experiences amid her current journey and prior. Her hope is that it will touch the lives of people to be more understanding and educated about people of trans experience