BTAC 2018 Conference

Journeying Together: Living In Greater Truth and Healing

April 23 - 29, Dallas Texas

BTAC Attendee Scholarship Application

Black Trans Advocacy is striving to include as many people as possible in the conference experience.

The Black Trans Advocacy Conference Attendee Scholarship is created to help provide economically disadvantaged families access to the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference experience. The scholarship program provides an opportunity for individuals to not only participate in a FREE educational program but also connect local communities with our mission of social equality.

As always, we are striving to include as many people as possible in the conference. We know that many of our families cannot afford the expense of traveling to the conference, yet it is vitally important that a conference of this focus be reached. Our priority, indeed the reason for our existence as an advocacy organization, is to help you.

The BTAC Attendee Scholarship is funded in one of two parts.  Individuals accepted in the scholarship program will  1)  Participate in a online fundraiser to solicit for individual donations.  2) Funds available from the BTAC Attendee scholarship fund will be applied to any unmet balance, as available.  Your participation in the the BTAC scholarship drive fundraiser will help you get to the conference!


Black Trans Advocacy Leadership Institute programs offered:

  • MVP Community Leadership
  • BTAC Advocacy Leadership: Health, Employment, Health, Housing, Education, Financial, Law & Public Policy



BTAC Attendee Scholarship Program Eligibility & Enrollment:

All scholarship applicants must

  • Identify as Trans, Transman, Transwoman or SOFFA
  • Register for the national conference.
  • Agree and apply to the program. Once approved, you will be emailed a sponsorship letter and link to your personalized webpage to begin earning online donations.
  • Scholarship Fundraiser. Raise up to $650 towards your conference scholarship in general donations or  journal advertising by March 1.
  • Join/Attendance: Participate in your enrolled BTAC Program completing (5) min program courses at the conference.
  • Essay: Complete (1) 150 word min conference reflection statement.

The deadline to apply for the attendee scholarship program is December 18.

Conference Starts in: